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Nov 21

The Persuasive Effects of Disinformation

Factual Democracy Project’s final call will discuss the effects of disinformation campaigns on a population over a sustained period. As Americans learn more about how their social media is being manipulated by Russia and other hostile actors, this call will focus on the effects of such manipulation. From Ukraine to the US our panelists will discuss the effects of sustained disinformation and what those seeking to inoculate themselves should be on the lookout for.

Sponsored by Fenton, the call is moderated by Oliver Chinyere, digital strategist and host of Fake it ‘Til you Break it. Panelists include:

  • Tom Jensen, Director, PPP Polling. Longtime pollster Tom Jensen conducted recent national polling exploring whether Americans think Facebook should take steps to prevent foreign powers from using fake news to meddle in our elections.
  • Claire Wardle, Research Fellow at Harvard Shorenstein Center and Founder of First Draft News, a nonprofit coalition to raise awareness and address challenges relating to trust and truth in the digital age.
  • Margo Gontar, co-founder and editor of the Ukrainian fact-checking and propaganda-debunking website StopFake. Her work has appeared in Politifact, the New York Times, NPR and the Guardian, among others.
  • Nate Snyder, Former Senior Obama Counterterrorism Official at U.S. DHS & U.S. Countering Violent Extremism Task Force. Before joining the Department of Homeland Security, Snyder earned his Masters in National Security, Counterterrorism and Irregular Warfare.
  • Angelo Carusone, President, Media Matters. Before joining Media Matters, he organized the successful Twitter-based #StopBeck effort. He has a bachelor’s degree in American studies from Fordham University and a law degree from the University of Wisconsin.
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