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Sep 26

Conspiracy Theories & Right Wing Media

Join us for an exploration of conspiracy theories: why people believe them, how the far right employs them as a communication tactic, strategies for countering them, and what to do if you or your organization become part of an Internet conspiracy theory.

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Oct 10

European Elections Debrief

The so-called Alt-Right is organized as a global movement against globalism. After their victory in the U.S. extreme right groups immediately began organizing online on behalf of far-right political candidates in France, the Netherlands, and Germany. In this call, you’ll learn about the current political landscape in Europe and efforts to beat back extremism and disinformation campaigns. Speakers will be announced shortly.

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Oct 24

Connecting the Dots: Russia and the So-Called Alt Right

Learn how Kremlin operatives bolster the so-called alt-right in the U.S. and abroad.

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Nov 07

Combating Hate Online & Off

Extremism is on the rise in America. It manifests online on social media and offline with a growing number of hate crimes and incidents of bullying in schools. Learn how to fight back against hate from those working on the front lines of our Internet, our schools, and our communities.

This call is sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers.

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Nov 21

The Persuasive Effects of Disinformation

This call will explore the effects of sustained disinformation campaigns on populations and individuals.

This call is sponsored by Fenton.

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