August 22, 2017

We Did It!!!!!

I’m pleased to report that the funding phase of Factual Democracy Project’s Inaugural Call Series is now complete. Thank you so much for backing this project. Because of your support we closed out 106% funded from 256 backers. Factual Democracy Project now boasts 107 founding members and 302 single call tickets sold.

I want to recognize backers who went above and beyond:

  • This series is made possible in part thanks to the generous Civic Sponsorship of Ruth Ann Harnisch, an activist investor using private funds to underwrite this exchange of information so that YOU can take action to create the world you want to live in.
  • Thank you, Fenton, our first Call Partner. They’ll be sponsoring the final call in our series. What we know about Disinformation & Persuasion.
  • Thank you to our Patron Sponsors: Action Network Raw Story.
  • I’d also like to recognize a few folks who were super boosters of this project. Thank you, John Aravosis, Karoli KunsAsher Huey, Talia Borodin, Malinda Frevert, and Amelia Showalter for going above and beyond in recruiting backers. Thank you to everyone who shared this project on social media, often multiple times! The Barnstorm was super impressive and drove the two most successful fundraising days of the campaign.
  • I want to recognize and thank Nicole Belle. She’s been my editor on Ctrl Alt Right Delete since day one and another super booster. Nicole got what I was trying to do from the start and volunteered countless hours of her time to make it happen.
  • Finally, thank you to my partner in life and in crime, Micheál. He pushed this Kickstarter relentlessly and was my biggest cheerleader at home, especially on days when I needed moral support. Best decision of my life was marrying that guy.

Now comes the part where I bring this call series to life. Expect frequent updates from me about where we’re at and feel free to ask me any questions you have along the way.

Thank you once again for supporting my work and this particular project. What began as a weird obsession just over a year ago has turned into the most important work I’ve ever done. Your support and enthusiasm mean the world to me. More importantly, that support has created the foundation from which Factual Democracy Project as an organization will launch.